The Best Chinese Chicken Salad

June 18th, 2009 by Stacie Tamaki

When I say best, I don’t mean best on South Winchester Boulevard. I mean best in the Bay Area. For years I’ve considered the Chinese Chicken Salad at Blue Sky a hidden gem. Everyone I’ve ever introduced to it has loved it. 

The ingredients are always fresh and include lettuce, fried rice noodles, ground up peanuts and small slices of chicken breast all tossed in a delicious dressing that is both sweet and has a bit of  bite to it. The salad is considered an appetizer and is available in two sizes: Small for $4.50 and large for $7.25.

The small is large enough for two to share as an appetizer. If you’re ordering the salad as your main course you can order a small or large depending on how large your appetite is. If you prefer to order as a vegetarian salad simply order without the chicken. It’s still just as good. 


If you place your order to go they will put the dressing in a separate container. Personally I prefer they toss and pack the salad as you seem to get more dressing that way. Yes, it might get a little soggy if you wait to long to eat it but I’d rather order it tossed and eat fast then have to add the dressing myself later. 

The service is competent and courteous, the food is prepared quickly and there is a parking lot provided.

Blue Sky is located at the intersection of Winchester and Sanford just one block south of Campbell Ave.
2028 Winchester Blvd
Blue Sky Website
Campbell, CA 95008-3420
(408) 378-0424


7 Responses to “The Best Chinese Chicken Salad”

  1. DaveA says:

    Very nice snap of the chicken salad! Taken with an iPhone I assume?

  2. StacieT says:

    Nooooo it was taken with my Panasonic Lumix DMC-LX3


  3. DaveA says:

    It came out brilliant! Which isn’t easy considering how much white is in the picture – table cloth, plate, lettuce, chicken, noodles.

  4. StacieT says:

    Why thank you :)

    We should go have some !

  5. DaveA says:

    As soon as I can walk again!

  6. DRH says:

    I’ll have to try it; I usually go veggie there.

  7. CarolC says:

    I just tried the Blue Sky Restaurant’s Chicken Salad appetizer and was very disappointed. It had hardly any chicken breast, was too sweet, had no sesame oil flavor, no hot mustard, no green onions, and most importantly it had no Hoisin sauce. I prefer the salad at MIng’s, Tao, Tao’s, or Chef Chu’s. That restaurant in Manlo Park also makes excellent salad. My favorite salad is the one I make. The recipe is an authentic one my husband got from a friend while working at the Menlo Park Post Office in 1963 or 64. It’s a lot of work though.

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