Jabelle to open at Winchester Pavilion

April 11th, 2009 by John Vink

A new store named Jabelle is to open at the Winchester Pavilion at 700 South Winchester Boulevard.  They have just put up the new sign.

Jabelle store at Winchester Pavillion

Jabelle store at Winchester Pavilion

The windows are still blocked, but through an open door, I could tell that it looked like some kind of clothing store.  It’s interesting that the For Lease sign is still in the window.

Before Jabelle, this space was occupied by Little Dollar.  It’s always sad when a business closes, but the less dollar stores and check cashing places in a neighborhood, the better.

No indication when this place will open up.  The sign on the building went up last weekend.

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  1. jabelle says:

    wow, the sign is covered but somehow this picture was taken…..
    must be taken by someone who really wants to do free advertisement. lol, for a purpose of course…

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