Rally for Single-Payer Universal Heath Care on Sunday

July 1st, 2009 by John Vink

There will be a “Peaceful Street Rally” on Sunday, July 5, from noon to 3 pm at the corner of South Winchester Boulevard and Stevens Creek Boulevard in support of Single-Payer Universal Heath Care.

The rally is being put together by a number of organizations: Raging Grannies Alliance, One Voice!, South Bay Mobilization, San Jose Peace and Justice Center, Peninsula Peace and Justice Center, Californians for Justice, and Santa Clara County Single Payer Healthcare Coalition.

According to WikiPedia, “Single-payer health care is a term used to describe the payment of doctors, hospitals, and other health care providers from a single fund. It is often mentioned as one way to deliver universal health care.”


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  1. DRH says:

    … and there was a big anti-Obamacare rally in front of Barnes and Noble Saturday. The health care debate sure is lively and local lately.

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