Vacant Burger King to be Redeveloped

April 18th, 2009 by John Vink

10 – 12 years ago, the Burger King at 369 South Winchester Boulevard across from Santana Row closed down, and the building has remained vacant ever since.

Vacant Burger King building

Vacant Burger King building

An application to develop this property has been received by the City of San Jose. Stegner Development plans to develop a new 4,685 square-foot commercial building with a drive-through or use of the existing 2,650 square-foot commercial building and drive-through. Either way, it looks like a new fast food restaurant.

The application for development was filed in September 2008.

These lights have been on for a decade.

These lights have been on for a decade.

Even though the property has been vacant for over a decade, the fluorescent light above the beverage station has remained on all this time.

Mark Brading of Glen Dennee Company, the developer for the property, tells South Winchester that currently there is no tenant signed up for the property.


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  1. Scott says:

    I always wondered about things like this — who pays the electrical bill?

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