Area Man Struck by Falling Tree Branch

September 17th, 2009 by John Vink

An area man was struck by a falling tree branch just outside Sushi Boat Kazoo at the corner of Hamilton and South Winchester Boulevard on Sunday, August 30.

Area Man Struck By Falling Tree Branch

Area Man Struck By Falling Tree Branch

When asked how long he had been under the branch, the man replied, “Don’t just stand there! Help me up! This branch is heavy!”

Branches from street trees along Winchester Boulevard occasionally fall. However, fallen branches typically are found just after a stormy or windy night. The weather on this Sunday had been calm.

When asked about the weather conditions when he was struck, the fallen man replied, “Are you kidding me? There’s this huge branch pinning me down, and you want to talk about the weather? Can’t you call someone?”

Emergency crews arrived on the scene after contacted by a Kazoo patron who thought he saw a cat stuck higher up in the tree.



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  1. Dana says:

    Hey “Area Man” I wanted to correct the statement “However, fallen branches typically are found just after a stormy or windy night,”

    Summer Branch Drop is what you experienced. During hot, calm summer days some trees may experience what is known as “Summer Branch Drop,” which results in tree branches or limbs suddenly breaking off and potentially falling to the ground.

    Although no scientific explanation is apparent, many arborists believe the phenomenon is caused by water stress. Branches that break are usually more horizontal than vertical, extending to the tree crown or beyond. In addition, the breaks usually occur at a point away from where the limb attaches to the trunk. The wood at this location often appears sound and healthy, making it difficult to accurately predict breakage.

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