Holiday Events at Psycho Donuts

December 10th, 2009 by John Vink

Psycho Donuts at 2006 South Winchester Boulevard is holding a number of seasonal events.


Psycho Donuts’ Holiday events begin on Saturday, December 12 with “A Nightmare Before Hanukkah.” Beginning at 10:00am, customers can perform Karaoke in the Psycho music studio, courtesy of Korkaraoke. Customers who perform a holiday karaoke song will receive a free donut. Original Christmas art work and off-beat ornaments, by local artists such as Christine Benjamin and Carlos Villas, will be available for sale. Unusual stocking stuffers will also be available for purchase. A new donut, The Star of Donut, will be available to help usher in the first day of Hanukkah.

In parallel, Psycho Donuts will launch “The Twelve Daze of Donuts,” beginning on Saturday December 12. Each day, another off-beat Christmas donut will become available. On Christmas Eve, customers can order a dozen of the unusual Christmas donuts. The first Christmas donut, Jingle Balls, is a combination of red and green donut holes with an eggnog custard filling. Grandma’s Revenge is an “injured reindeer” donut, a reference to the perennial Christmas song “Grandma Got Run Over By a Reindeer”.

New Demented Snowman donut

New Demented Snowman donut

Psycho Donuts owner Jordan Zweigoron said, “Most retail environments serve up an ordinary Christmas experience. Psycho Donuts aims to break that tradition, and deliver something extraordinary and different. Santa may not be delivering gifts to Psycho Donuts this year.”

Customers who follow Psycho Donuts on Twitter and Facebook will discover opportunities to win free Christmas donuts.


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