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Shanel’s Flowers and Frames

Monday, April 27th, 2009

Can you believe you’re looking at freeze dried flowers? How gorgeous are they? Shanels proves that all preserved flowers are not created equally. Gone are the days of hanging a bouquet upside down and watching it shrivel and fade as it air-dries.

Brides can have their bridal bouquet freeze dried and beautifully framed. Sentimental brides can choose from a variety of custom framing and display options to showcase their wedding flowers in their home.

Owner Melany Moore began her career as a floral preservationist in 1986 when she opened the San Francisco Bay Area’s first freeze dried floral shop. Melany graduated with a degree in agroecology at U.C. Santa Cruz. Realizing her love for all living things she was drawn to creating the lasting beauty of flowers in dried arrangements. Now she and her husband Mick work together as a happy couple serving other happy couples by helping to create a lasting momento of their wedding day.

There are always plenty of samples to view in their Campbell, CA showroom. You can make an appointment or just drop by and take a peek the next time you’re in the San Jose area.

Melany Moore
1865 Winchester Blvd.
San Jose, CA.