Unbelievable! Manchester United Players Express Outrage over Marcus Rashford’s FA Cup Absence Following Nightclub Incident

Manchester United players express shock and discontent with Marcus Rashford for missing the FA Cup tie against Newport County after a night of clubbing in Northern Ireland. The England international faced criticism from teammates for his 12-hour tequila-fueled outing, leading to his absence from Thursday’s training session and subsequent exclusion from the squad.

Despite Manchester United securing a victory against Newport County, senior players within the team are reportedly “upset” with Rashford’s actions, especially considering the ongoing scrutiny over his commitment amid a period of poor performance.

According to reports from Daily Mail, Rashford’s camp provided misleading information to the club, attempting to alter the timeline of events. They claimed that the nightclub footage was from Wednesday night, not Thursday. However, evidence revealed Rashford’s presence at Lavery’s Bar on Wednesday, followed by his entry into Thompsons Garage on Thursday wearing the same outfit. Earlier that day, he visited Northern Irish club Larne FC. The Sun disclosed that Rashford and his friends continued drinking until the early hours, with a waitress assisting him to his room.

A waitress shared insights, stating, “I’m not surprised he missed training the next day given how late he got to bed and how much he’d had to drink. He must’ve known he wasn’t going to be in any fit state to play football. He was clearly on a mission to get drunk.”

She mentioned Rashford inquiring about late-night drink service and suggested that it indicated his intention to skip Friday’s training. The player reportedly returned home around 7 am after being flown in by a private jet.

This incident has raised concerns within the team, adding to the challenges already faced by Manchester United. The fallout from Rashford’s actions and the subsequent impact on team dynamics remains a topic of discussion and scrutiny within football circles.