James Maddison’s Complimentary Remarks on Declan Rice’s Technical Prowess at Arsenal

James Maddison recently shared his admiration for Declan Rice, expressing his fondness for the midfielder’s skills while jesting that he despises the fact that Rice plays for Arsenal.

During a conversation with Ben Foster on Amazon Prime Sport, Maddison discussed his England teammates following their qualification for Euro 2024. Among them, Maddison acknowledged that Declan Rice is likely to secure a spot on Gareth Southgate’s roster for the upcoming tournament. Rice, who made a club-record move to Arsenal in the previous transfer window, has significantly improved since joining the team.

While Maddison himself has made an impact at North London rivals Tottenham, he appears to be thoroughly impressed by Rice’s performance at Arsenal. Maddison praised Rice’s technical prowess, particularly his ability in long-distance passing during England’s warm-up sessions. He highlighted their shared enjoyment of practicing such passes, commending Rice’s exceptional skill in executing them effortlessly.

The endorsement of Rice’s abilities by Maddison might not sit well with Tottenham fans, given Rice’s affiliation with their archrival club. Nevertheless, it’s undeniable that Rice has proven to be a valuable addition to Arsenal. He has seamlessly integrated into Mikel Arteta’s squad, demonstrating qualities akin to Thomas Partey while showing greater reliability in terms of fitness and availability.

Rice’s swift adaptation to the team mirrors Maddison’s own success at Tottenham. With his exceptional technical capabilities and adaptability, Rice is poised to become a pivotal figure in Arsenal’s lineup for years to come. Maddison’s acknowledgment of Rice’s talents speaks volumes about the midfielder’s potential impact, hinting at his capacity to potentially lead the Gunners as a future captain.