Village in Norfolk Grapples with Flock of 100 Feral Chickens

While pests such as rats, moths, and aphids are well-known, chickens are the latest addition to this list for a village on the British North Sea coast. Snettisham is currently dealing with an invasion of around 100 wild chickens.

The local council in Snettisham has acknowledged the situation on their website, confirming reports first highlighted by British media. Contrary to the portrayals in the press, the goal is not to remove the chickens. “We are seeking expert advice from various sources,” stated a spokesperson from the coastal village. Decisions will be made only after gathering all necessary information. What those decisions might entail has not been disclosed.

According to the “Daily Star,” the flock of chickens has been causing significant disturbances. Residents complain of sleepless nights and damaged gardens. The number of chickens has reportedly increased recently, potentially due to people abandoning their own chickens in the area. Additionally, onlookers frequently feed the birds, attracting rats.

“They breed like crazy,” said Rod Mackenzie, a local resident and council member. “They dig up everything. Not just food, but any bit of rubbish they can find.” Recently, the chickens have been scavenging shrimp leftovers.

“They’re out of control” Another resident complained about the noise, saying he has to use earplugs to sleep due to the constant crowing. “They’re out of control,” he stated to the “Daily Star.”

However, not all villagers are troubled by the chickens. “I have no issues with the chickens,” said a newer resident. He admitted that he only learned about the early morning crowing after moving to the village. “But it gives the place character,” he added.