Shropshire Seminar Puts Sustainable Growth in Spotlight for Local Businesses

Shropshire-based companies have a golden opportunity to foster sustainable growth, as Good2Great, a renowned business growth consultancy, is all set to host an informative seminar on September 21. The event will take place at The Engine House, situated within the Enginuity museum at Coalbrookdale.

Johnny Themans, the spokesperson for Good2Great, emphasized the relevance of this seminar in the current climate of political and economic volatility. He stated that amidst mounting pressures, it’s crucial to examine the challenges and opportunities presented by these changes. Good2Great, headquartered in Bridgnorth, has a commendable track record of assisting approximately 1,500 new and established companies in their development endeavors over the past decade.

The seminar will encompass a wide array of strategies aimed at nurturing sustainable growth. Attendees can expect to explore a comprehensive five-step plan designed to facilitate sustainable expansion. This will be complemented by discussions on driving operational efficiencies, especially in the face of escalating prices and labor shortages. Additionally, the seminar will delve into the art of building a high-performing team.

Johnny Themans stressed the importance of businesses maintaining a laser focus on effectiveness, efficiency, and performance to not only survive but thrive in the next two years. The seminar’s objective is to equip small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) with the tactical tools necessary for prosperity.

This event marks the second installment in a series of business growth events organized by Good2Great this year. The first event garnered significant attention, drawing around 100 entrepreneurs. Johnny Themans expressed confidence in the upcoming seminar’s success and highlighted its relevance for anyone seeking to secure their company’s future.

In conclusion, Shropshire-based companies have a unique opportunity to gain valuable insights into sustainable growth strategies at Good2Great’s upcoming seminar. In a time of uncertainty, this event promises to equip SMEs with the tools they need to prosper and navigate the challenges of the evolving business landscape.